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Featuring a mountain resort at the serene mist veiled Lake of Beratan located in Jungle terrain. To reach the mountain range, you drive west from Denpasar through Kapal and Mengwi and on following the climbing and winding road around the step cliffs hung with fern, wild flowers and elephant grass. As you leave the southern plains, the landscape changes from flowing tiers of rice to patches of onion, cabbage, papaya and coffee plantations grown in the cool climate of the highlands. It is peaceful and refreshing to relax at the Rest House on the shore of the lake, watching and enjoying the natural beauty of the lake with its thickly forested step slopes that almost pour them selves over the edge of the blue water and, the silhouette of the small placid Temple of Candi Kuning with its delightful two merus. Here children swim or fish for minnows and canoes cross the still water; you may wish to take a canoe yourself.